News feeds for websites can keep audiences informed and engaged.

News feeds can complement original content with related news and views from across the web.

The EIN Newsfeed Maker offers:

  • Finely tuned content streams from thousands of relevant sources
  • Extensive international coverage across regions, countries and industries
  • The ability to quickly and easily edit topics or add new ones to cover evolving events
  • Technology that lets you drill down and serve exactly the right content for your customers

Many companies offer news feeds for websites but there is only one Newsfeed Maker. Since 2002 the Newsfeed Maker has been helping companies directly integrate real-time news with RSS and customized formats.

Take a look at samples for news feeds for websites we offer here or use our search tool to see what kind of content we have for you.

See What Results We Have For You!

  • Easily create and manage multiple feeds
  • The highest-quality content updated 24/7
  • News archive allows your readers extra benefits
  • Manage 10 news feeds from one central location
  • Unlimited use for personal and commercial purposes
  • News and information from more than 7,000 Internet sources
  • Multitude of formats make it accessible for every website or blog